Sweet Seeds

Website rating:
The Cannabis Boy likes:

  • Only feminized and autoflowering strains
  • Some nice hybrids like Jack Black or Gorilla Girl
  • Pure CBD strains

The Cannabis Boy hates:

  • S1 strains, not always stable
  • The hybrids do not always go at maturity but their price is affordable
  • No regular seeds

Sweet Seeds is a cannabis seedbank created in 2005 and specialized in the breeding, preservation and genetic improvement of high quality feminized cannabis strains, including autoflowering one.

Sweet Seeds has based its reputation on a large collection of cannabis strains from around the world, allowing them to work and select new species.

All varieties of Sweet Seeds are especially sweet, aromatic and pleasant to smoke. Their genetics are totally adapted to indoor as well as outdoor cultivation. Sweet Seeds offers genetics that are easy to grow, productive and highly aromatic.

The cannabis seeds of Sweet Seeds are manually selected one by one, after a careful inspection. After this precautious process, only the best seeds are packaged.

These last years, Sweet Seeds has worked on CBD strains, autoflowering or just feminized. They also developed a Red Family, some cannabis strains with blue, purple and red hues. Once dried, the flowers are purple-red, almost black.