The selection for Cannabis Seedbanks

Cannabis Seedbanks are the fuel of the selfcultivation of cannabis. But growers have to take care of which cannabis seedbanks to choose. While some cannabis seedbanks really try to preserve original genetics and create some new useful ones, some other seedbanks are there only to rip off the customers, advertising high yield and uncommon effects, while just selling white-label-fantasy-branded seeds.

The reputation of the seedbanks often precede the will of buying. Rookie growers can now easily search for some informations on Internet, but The Cannabis Boy has a better way to do that: to give its rating on the different existing seedbanks. While he has not tested every strain of every cannabis seedbanks, his network of friends and his history of personal growing as well as the litteracy of the cannabis historic movements will gives the most valuable opinion on each one.

Originally, cannabis seed banks only sold regular seeds, the one that makes both male and female plants, and allow for breeding. By these modern times, cannabis seed bank now offer some feminized seeds – that produce only feminized plants, the famous sinsemilias – and autoflowering seeds – that produces plants which does not need a given amount of light to flower, reducing the time of growing, with the disadvantage to have a smaller yield due to their Cannabis Ruderalis background.

You can create as many as cannabis seedbanks you want, but the one that really makes an effort on breeding are not that many. Here is the selection of cannabis seed banks of The Cannabis Boy.