Website rating:
The Cannabis Boy likes:

  • Very reliable cannabis seedbank
  • Seeds for beginners and advanced growers
  • Efficient after-sale service

The Cannabis Boy hates:

  • Lack of diversity in strains

Dinafem is a Spanish cannabis seedbank which created and shares cannabis seeds that are easy to grow and take care of.

Created in 2002 by a group of growers, Dinafem spent two years of research and development to create the best performing seeds. In 2005, the first seeds were sold. At the time, they were the only Spanish cannabis seedbank, and they aimed to compete with the big seedbanks of Amsterdam.

Since then, Dinafem created several famous strains, including Dinachem, a cross between Chemdawg 91′ and their unique Guava Chem. They also popularized other strains like Moby Dick, Critical +, OG Kush or Bubba Kush. They also were decerned the « Girl of the Year » Award by Soft Secrets in 2010 for their Moby Dick.

Dinafem only sells feminized seeds (that’s the -fem of Dinafem), while also being autoflowering and CBD for some of the new strains. Some « quick seeds » are offered and will give plants that flower between 7 and 14 days less than classic feminized one. On their own website, they also sell other brands like Sensi Seeds, Dutch Passion or Barney’s Farm seeds.

Dinafem has a partnership with The Supreme Cannabis Company to dsitribue their seeds in Canada.