The Cannabis Boy likes:

One of the first global CBD brand in France. Their legacy to Californian cannabis market and products and their often copied style has really influenced a lot of brands in France.

The Cannabis Boy hates:

Too long to develop new products. specializes in crafting premium broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD products, aiming to address prevalent modern-day concerns like stress, sleep issues, and pain. Established in 2018, the brand emphasizes natural solutions within the bounds of legal regulations, promoting their products as part of a holistic wellness routine alongside a healthy lifestyle. Their offerings are tailored to various consumption patterns, leveraging hemp-derived active ingredients to create products that harmonize with both body and mind.

Founded by Léo Berliner and Benoit Gaildraud, draws from their collective experience spanning a decade in the global CBD industry. Berliner, known for his contributions to hip-hop culture and his work with renowned cannabis brands, brings a deep understanding of urban culture’s relationship with cannabis. Gaildraud’s background in press and communications complements Berliner’s expertise, resulting in a specialized approach aligned with the holistic properties of the plant.

Beyond commerce, embodies a philosophy of life, exemplified by initiatives such as Weediner, private dinners infused with hemp since 2017, and the Silver CBD Cup, a competition celebrating the finest cannabidiol-based products in Europe. Collaborations with prestigious entities like Philippe Conticini, Confitures Parisiennes, and Maison Nomade further enrich the brand’s ethos, reflecting its commitment to quality and innovation in the CBD space.