The Cannabis Boy likes:

The quality of their products is really reflecting the Swiss cliché

The Cannabis Boy hates:

Quality comes with a price

Alpinols, a Swiss CBD brand, originates from the majestic Swiss Alps, where their journey began in 2019. Their passion for high-quality CBD products is deeply rooted in their extensive experience in hemp cultivation and CBD production, boasting 25 years in organic soil management and 15 years in hemp cultivation in the Swiss Alps.

The brand’s philosophy revolves around transparency, innovation, quality, and naturalness. They control their entire value chain, from cultivation and gentle CO₂ extraction to bottling and packaging. Their hemp plants grow in natural soils cultivated organically for over 25 years, ensuring the highest purity and quality in their CBD products. Alpinols is committed to rigorous laboratory testing of each batch and continuous improvement in their manufacturing processes.

Alpinols invites customers to experience the powerful connection between humanity and nature. They offer a range of CBD products designed to promote well-being naturally. Customers are encouraged to explore their product range and immerse themselves in the peace and beauty of the Alps through Alpinols’ offerings.