Equilibre CBD

Equilibre CBD
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Equilibre CBD is a strong brand with deep values and their attachment to the well-being of their customers goes beyond what we can see elsewhere.

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If you want to test their over 0.3% THC product, you have to go to Québec.

Léa, the founder of Équilibre, shares her personal journey of discovering CBD as a natural alternative to conventional medicine. She emphasizes the importance of transparency and customer connection, guiding the brand’s principles. With a mission to offer high-quality CBD products, Équilibre focuses on natural ingredients, eschewing pesticides and heavy metals.

Équilibre prioritizes quality, utilizing subcritical CO2 extraction for their CBD oils and sourcing natural, vegan ingredients. Their commitment to quality is further demonstrated through organic certification for their herbal teas and rigorous testing procedures. Partnering with FUGA, a medical cannabis specialist, Équilibre ensures premium products, showcased by their availability at the SQDC in Canada, emphasizing the stringent regulations of the Canadian CBD market.

Transparency is paramount for Équilibre, alongside their dedication to ethical sourcing and empowerment. They collaborate with an ESAT, providing employment opportunities for individuals with autism. Additionally, they advocate for women in the CBD industry, supporting female hemp growers and emphasizing gender inclusivity with their motto « Buy weed from women. »