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The perfection of the marketing

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A bit expensive for the quality

Over a decade of globetrotting from Barcelona to Amsterdam and beyond, the founder embarked on a journey of exploration, connection, and understanding with hemp. This odyssey ignited a profound passion and commitment to the plant, leading to intensive training in cultivation, harvesting, and extraction methods, and prompting deep reflection on hemp’s place in society.

Sensiness emerged from a desire to redefine humanity’s relationship with hemp and with oneself. With a focus on sustainability and locality, the brand aims to infuse hemp with meaning and benevolence, advocating for a shift towards a more holistic well-being approach. Sensiness believes that well-being is a fundamental right, transcending isolated actions within a frenzied lifestyle, and advocates for a new mindset that prioritizes both physical and mental health.

Sensiness is more than just a brand; it’s a collective endeavor dedicated to enhancing quality of life. With a dedicated team working tirelessly, the company strives to offer accessible, safe, and environmentally respectful products. This shared adventure emphasizes the importance of community, empathy, and sustainability in fostering well-being for all.